Sideman Solos

Land of Plenty

I have now been officially photographed! Cornell College is planning an article on what retired college profs are doing, and so Dee Ann Rexroat, Allan Recalde, and Robyn Schwab Aaron came to my house to take some pictures. One of the pictures is attached.  I don’t know how the others turned out, but the conversation …

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Greatest of Jazz Parties

No matter what the headlines or what one’s persuasion might be, this is in at least one respect the best of times. Back in the Day when I was teaching, I offered a course in Jazz and Literature.  The basic idea was to let students explore the ways artists tried to bring the jazz experience …

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Sideman Solos Returns

I have been quiet for quite a spell.  The last time I wrote was to remember the Memorial Service/Jam Session for Doc Tenney.  Since then, others have gone.  Especially notable for us: Mose Allison; Mose had a wonderful sense of humor and we frequently play some of his songs toward the end of an evening. …

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Paul “Doc” Tenney

When a jazz musician dies, jazz musicians come together. They come together to celebrate a life. They do that by celebrating the art they shared. Some of the musicians who participated…

Listening in the Town Square

Live music venues are like a town squares where people gather to have a good time–to catch up on each others lives, to hear the songs we love.

Duke Ellington: We Love You Madly

In “The Second Set” this week we are going to feature some of the music of the immortal Duke Ellington.