The Good Times Rolled

The Eddie Piccard Quartet had a great time and a great audience at the November 10 “Meet Me in New Orleans” concert in Mount Vernon. Audience reaction always makes a huge difference in the way a jazz performance goes, and this wonderful crowd gave us all the support we could ask for.

One person sent this note to Dallis Piccard the next day :

I so appreciated the show last night it was wonderful and your man [Eddie Piccard] can really play and sing so beautifully it was just a fabulous night. I had such great memories of walking through New Orleans and his renditions were perfect! Creating a show and creating the flow plus the first impression we all received as we saw the stage that you so professionally prepared takes incredible time and intention. The vibes guy was fabulous, the Bush brothers wonderful, Tim on the drums, and your bass guy just wonderful.

My dad play the clarinet and he played similarly to the young Busch so it was So personal for me to be in your audience. Thank you for an amazing gift I won’t forget it.

When you have people like this backing you, things are going to swing.

Great music! Great night! Looking forward to doing it “one more time.”

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