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The Good Times Rolled

The Eddie Piccard Quartet had a great time and a great audience at the November 10 “Meet Me in New Orleans” concert in Mount Vernon. Audience reaction always makes a huge difference in the way a jazz performance goes, and this wonderful crowd gave us all the support we could ask for.

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Dixieland Returns

Last November we had a real frolic in the Mount Vernon First Street Community Center.  The Eddie Piccard Quintet was joined by the Busch Boys, and we took a musical trip to New Orleans.  A great musical night!

And here’s what the cable programs call “Breaking News.”  We’re going to do it again.  The Busch Boys will join us in the Mount Vernon First Street Community Center April 29 for another round of Dixieland jazz.  Same personnel as last time.

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Greatest of Jazz Parties

In 1963 Dick Gibson started throwing an annual jazz party in Colorado and he continued doing that for some thirty years.  The World’s Greatest Jazz Band, The Yank Lawson-Bob Haggart combination, grew out of a Gibson Gala.  

Now we can all go to one of his parties.  Here is an absolutely incredible film.  

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All That Jazz and Dixieland Comes to Mount Vernon

Eddie Piccard will once again be serving up “All That Jazz” at the First Street Community Center on Saturday November 19 at 7:00 p.m.  For each Mount Vernon appearance Eddie offers a special highlight, and this year’s performance will feature “Music of New Orleans.”  “My first instrument was a trombone,” Piccard said. “And one of my Dixieland heroes is the […]

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