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Off Key: A Conversation with Eddie and Dallis Piccard

by EmQ, CRAM Magazine, April-May 2004 Reproduced with permission from Cram Magazine Eddie Piccard and his wife Dallis are a dynamic couple who’ve been steadily pumping life into the Cedar Rapids music scene for the last fifteen years. For those foreign to his sounds, Eddie is the mainstay for The Eddie Piccard Trio, a local …

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Paul “Doc” Tenney

When a jazz musician dies, jazz musicians come together. They come together to celebrate a life. They do that by celebrating the art they shared. Some of the musicians who participated…

This Friday, January 16th 2015

“The Second Set” has been a lot of fun because it gives us the chance to play some great music and it lets us all remember some of the people who made jazz what it is. So far we have done Basie-Sinatra, Ellington-Darin, and Goodman-Dennis.

A New Tradition

Yes, our New Tradition will continue. We will have a special Second Set.

New Years Eve

Celebrate the second day of the New Year with a night out–Friday night at the Longbranch.